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Steelbond Business Opportunities

Steelbond Turnkey Factories

Business Opportunity – Steelbond Roofing

Steelbond turnkey factories: Available anywhere in the world and include the following:

  1. Plant & Equipment
  2. Fully turnkey commissioning plant
  3. Shipping & custom clearance
  4. Training of key operators
  5. Coil supply
  6. The steelbond technology
  7. The steelbond know how
  8. Use of our name & marks
  9. Fully developed business plan
  10. Sales Marketing & operations manuals
  11. Cash flow projections
  12. Profit & loss
  13. Full set of financial notes
  14. Sales tools
  15. Installation & fitting training
  16. Roof insulation
  17. Roof ventilation equipment
  18. Screws & fasteners
  19. Accessories
  20. Steelbond multi function accessorie for cyclone rated areas
  21. Steelbond house fire prevention system
  22. Steelbond house fire extinguishing system

Each plant will be quoted on a case by case basis, and will depend on machine type and equipment required also country of operation.

Steelbond`s Criteria for Independent Distribution Outlets (BDO`s)

BDO stands for:   (Branch Distribution Outlet).

BDM stands for:  (Business Development Manager).

  1. Must appreciate and understand that steelbond is NOT just another unique product on the market, but a complete and comprehensive value added business system with full ongoing back up and support from the BDM, the business specialist.
  2. Must appreciate and understand the value of the product, the intellectual property, the territory exclusivity, the backup ongoing support and the combined business system that earns them a quarter of a million dollars each year.
  3. Must be comfortable as owner operator of the business fully supported by the BDM.
  4. Must understand the value of an orderly marketing system implemented across the country.
  5. Must appreciate and understand the value of the branding, names and marks.
  6. Must appreciate and understand the value of the assistance with all the get out options if the BDO is not suited to the business for whatever reason after the first years trading.
  7. Must be capable of taking on the directors, public officer and secretary roll in the new business.
  8. Must cooperate with the steelbond if and when the outlets are pooled into a group for a public a listing.
  9. Must work at least 35 hours per week in the business.
  10. Must be a clean, neat, and tidy, person. The premises must also be kept clean, neat, and tidy.
  11. Must be prepared to implement the sales, marketing advertising and business plan.
  12. Must be prepared to engage the business development manager on a needs basis.
  13. Must be prepared to commit to the yearly value added service (website promotion in their exclusive territory).
  14. Must be prepared to demonstrate the products on a weekly basis at their local farmers markets in the allotted territory.
  15. Must be prepared to commit to the advertising budget of 3% of the retail sales factored into each sale cost to ensure that another sale follows.
  16. Must be prepared to appoint re-sellers/trades people, roofing companies, builders, developers or construction companies in the allotted territory.
  17. Must be prepared to service the territory appoint spotters, to place drop mailer stands in various outlets, bowling clubs, golf clubs, service stations, all sports facilities, doctors, dentists, hair-dressers, barbers, architect, designers.
  18. One or several territories can be purchased, however a maximum of five (5) Can be purchased.
  19. Must be in a position to fund the required deposit and the balance placed in the Steelbond account to be released upon settlement date.
  20. Must be in a position to fund the initial stock or start up capital
  21. Must be capable of funding their lifestyle for the first twelve weeks of operation.
  22. Must be prepared to attend the monthly distributor meeting for any guidance or assistance required in implementing the business plan at least once per month.
  23. Must be prepared to cooperate with the business development manager on advertising issues and on implementing the business plan and strategies.
  24. Must be prepared to cooperate with Steelbond in the event that the BDO is not capable of acquiring the skills by appointing a manager that is capable of implementing the business plan.
  25. Must be prepared to cooperate with the BDM in the event that the appointed BDO is NOT suited to this business or industry
  26. Must be prepared to examine all the options put forward by the BDM in the event that surrender of the BDO distribution becomes necessary for whatever reason.
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Become a Steelbond Distributor

Interested in becoming a Steelbond Distributor?? Click below to fill out our online application form!!

Minimum conditions of employment:

1. Ability to read, write and speak well in the English language.
2. Good physical condition, good eyesight and good hearing.
3. Must be an Australian Citizen OR a holder of a Permanent Residency Visa.

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