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Steelbond Screws & Fasteners

Climaseal 3

Climaseal® 3 is an unique anti-corrosive coating system consisting of 3 distinct layers which combine to give exceptional corrosion protection:


(1.)A mechanically deposited zinc tin alloy coating giving excellent galvanic protection.
(2.)A passivation coating to passivate the zinc tin alloy, further inhibiting coating loss.
(3.)An aluminium filled polyester coating with good all-round corrosion and long-term weathering resistance.

Designed to conform to AS3566 Class 3, real life atmospheric testing has confirmed that the performance of Climaseal® 3 far exceeds the standard!
If you want a fastener with a high-performance, corrosion resistant coating that won’t let you down, consider these benefits:

(1.)Minimal risk of coating damage during installation thanks to new, tougher coating formula.
(2.)Better driving performance because of a smoother, harder finish.
(3.)Superior performance in extreme temperatures, developed and tested in Australia for Australasian conditions.
(4.)Effective sealing of roofing sheets/cladding The black seal remains elastic in temperature extremes, and will not breakdown and allow water entry.
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