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Steelbond Flashings & Accessories


Steelbond flashing`s & accessories are produced from heavy duty, super strong, high tensile roofing is made to world class ISO 9001  2008 international standards.

Steelbond heavy duty roofing accessories are super strong, high tensile, super tough and exported to over twenty five countries.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, adding beauty and value to you home.

Beautiful classic style or subtle contemporary series, innovative and streamlined range of lightweight roofing products designed to withstand all the elements.

  • Super strong heavy duty high tensile base steel.
  • Extra duty protective galvanizing coating applied to both sides by a continuous hot-dip method.
  • Pre treatment chromate coating is applied to both sides.
  • A specialized bonding treatment is applied to ensure perfect bonding surface.
  • Specially formulated high performance heavy duty baked color coated finish is applied to the roof tile, giving a natural and durable low-gloss finish in a range of beautiful bonded deep colors.
  • Extra heavy duty coated fixing screws.
  • Extra heavy duty accessories, barges, ridges & flashing’s.
  • Earthquake proof.
  • Hurricane rated.
  • 20 year warranty.
  • Minimum life expectancy is 80 years.
  • Steelbond “Next generation roofing”.

“’It’s amazing that Steelbond have been able to bring out a tile that looks like cement, ceramic or clay to the untrained eye and with robustness and longevity of steel– and NO maintenance’. Plus ‘Steelbond lends itself really well to being integrated with other building products.

Hat batten section 0.65mm thick. 20mm tab with center line X 38mm high X 42mm across the top with center line.

All other accessories sections to be 5.84 meters long and 0.55mm thickness.  We also require a collar section which will have to be pressed in the same shape as the ridge cap. See above image. It is a very small section but necessary 40mm wide, the same shape as the ridge cap but 15mm high slipping over the top of the ridge cap. Fastened by tex screws, Just decoration.

All concrete, clay and ceramic tiles have an inherent fault in them ! They are all pointed and bedded with cement, flexi point or the equivalent to stop them from leaking! They have also stopped them from BREATHING!!!

  1. Roof Sheet
  2. Rainwater Sustem
  3. Ladders
  4. Snow Guards
  5. Roof Bridge
  6. Ridge Capping
  7. Verge Trims
  8. Eaves Flashing
  9. Lead-ins
  10. Chimney SHeets
  11. Valley Flashing
  12. Joint Flashing

Batten ZIPS/Screws


For fastening lightweight metal battens to timber trusses and steel purlins up to 1.5mm thick.

Batten ZIPS/Screws


For fitting corrugated steel roofing profiles to timber battens.

A revolutionary new roofing fastener, the one fastener solution that exceeds roof fixers current fastener requirements. Fast and easy to install, reduces the amount of swarf, will not cause skidding on the roof profile, reduces damage to the washer, has multiple product applications (will also fix to thin metal battens and purlins) and will significantly reduce stock holdings.

Gauge T.P.I Length Pack Finish
M6 11 25 100
M6 11 50 100
M6 11 65 100
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