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The Steelbond Fasteners

Buildex Fasteners

Buildex fasteners are made to exacting high standards of quality, subjected to strict inspection and testing procedures.

Buildex is so confident that it can guarantee the highest quality and performance of its fasteners that it has backed it up with the Buildex Warranty – an industry first.

The Buildex Warranty applies to Climaseal 3® & Climaseal 4® coated roofing screws with ShankGuard® including fully threaded roofing screws. It guarantees against the loss of structural integrity due to the effects of corrosion or metallurgical defects.

The Buildex Warranty guarantees peace-of-mind against screw damage, roof failure and expensive call backs.


Climaseal® 3

Climaseal 3® is a unique anti-corrosive coating consisting of three distinct layers which combine to give corrosion protection.

1. Mechanically deposited zinc-alloy coating.
2. Chromate conversion coating.
3. Aluminum filled polyester coating.

Designed to conform to AS3566 Class 3, real life atmospheric testing has confirmed that the performance of Climaseal 3® far exceeds the standard. The tougher coating formula provides superior performance in extreme temperatures, developed and tested in Australia for Australasian conditions.

Climaseal 3® should be used for general external use in mild and moderate industrial, and mild marine applications. Its coated screws are easily recognizable by their silver grey appearance and the silver stripe found on the label packaging of our bulk boxes. For your sign of quality, look for the BX mark on the screw head.

Buildex® Warranty Periods – Climaseal® 3

  • Industrial – 20 years.
  • Light Industrial / Urban – 30 years.
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